Pre-Construction Services

With any construction project, an owner needs to know some basic information. How much space do I really need? What will it cost? How long will it take to do what I want to do? Using preconstruction services, SC&A can provide answers to these questions.

Starting with determining the project scope and philosophy – such as whether the effort is cost or schedule driven – preconstruction services evaluate whether the fit between the concept and goal is realistic. If a project will not succeed as initially envisioned, our preconstruction services are able to explain why and offer alternatives before construction begins. Our ability to ask the pertinent questions of an owner and architect, and begin compiling data for an owner is very cost effective.

For many building projects, such as those tied to the arts, education or health care, the cash does not flow from lenders or charitable funds until the project’s credibility is assured. Legitimate estimates provided by SC&A’s preconstruction services enable the project owner to get the needed dollars to succeed.

Some of the services SC&A offers during this stage of a project are:
– Preliminary Project Budgeting
– Scope Definition
– Constructability Reviews
– Cost Estimating
– Value Engineering
– Feasibility Studies
– Life Cycle Analysis
– Operating Cost Evaluations
– Competitive Bidding